Thursday, January 28, 2016

Puddle Jumping

We got a sudden sun break, and decided to take full advantage.  The forecast lately has been rain: sprinkles all the way to monsoon-like showers!  This day was made for jumping in "mud puggles" as Lucy dubbed them. 

I love the composition here: school bus, jungle gym, sunburst, happy toddler!  

"Lucy so mussy... Wash hands?" My girl can stomp a puddle with the best of them,
right until she realizes she's getting dirty.
 We came home and put Lucy in the bath.  It was pretty chilly out, so I thought some hot cocoa was in order.  My mistake was calling it HOT cocoa.  Once we convinced her it was only warm and just like chocolate milk, she was game to try it.  I think it's safe to say she enjoyed it!

Monday, January 11, 2016

New Year's Family Kickball Tournament

I think we've found a new family holiday tradition: family kickball on New Year's Day!  

Over the years, as our families have grown, we've had to give up getting the Arnold-Hendricks-McComb families together on Christmas.  We've all missed the gathering, but with most of us already juggling multiple celebrations, it didn't seem feasible to bring it back.  Enter a New Year's Day gathering and an Auntie (Lorna) who organized a game for us all.  There were skeptics, there were those who dressed to NOT play, but all in all, every kid over 4 and every adult (excepting the pregnant photographer) participated!  

Our best attempt at a family photo!
Just missing Brian and Ellie of the locals
It was a blast, and I was so tempted to join in, but I cannot run.  I can barely run when not pregnant (Isaac can testify to this), and peeing my pants attempting it wasn't high on my "to-do" list. So I did my best to capture the magic.  

After several balls to the tree, we made it an automatic out! 
The boys totally DOMINATED the tournament!

That's right, folks: Uncle Lonnie AND my mom are running all out in this picture!  There may or may not have been complaints of soreness the following day.  

Mom about to get nailed. 

Nice kick, Noah! 

Yes, Sarah, you thought you'd get out of playing if you wore jeans and cute booties.  You were wrong. Happily so! 

Go Rachel! 

Just before the teams were mixed up to make it more competitive!

The Lorne Arnolds have the best house/backyard for hosting! It rivals our old Kent property, and is such a blessing to all of us.  They are gracious and wonderful hosts and welcomed the invading masses with smiles! 

They even have a trampoline in their backyard (in addition to the improvised kickball field).    
I love watching the big kids helping the littles (the second generation!)

This girl kept weaving in and out of the playing field. Thankful that everyone
in our family watches out of littles out of second nature! 

"What is this 'smile'?  I shall not smile for you.  I shall not scream at you.  That is all."
This girl!  I just love her expressions!  And she just loves mama and daddy.  And that's okay.