Monday, January 26, 2015

Post-nap smiles!

Sometimes I walk into the nursery and I'm greeted with a sight that just must be recorded.  Today was one of those days. I walked into a room filled with sunshine radiating from a happy little elfin doll!  I scooped up Lord Montgomery (her giraffe) and handed it to her, then dashed out of the room to grab the camera.

The lighting was terrible because the only window in the room was behind her (and closed), but it's enough to remind me of this wonderfully warm moment.  I just love every inch of her little self (even if she DID stink up the whole room with her stinky dipe!)

This chair has already brought so much entertainment to our little home.  Lucy loves to walk all the way around it, then get up into it and back out -- she's very proud that she can get into/out of the chair unassisted!
Let's pretend she wasn't in the process of throwing her baby doll -- she does not share the chair! 

Making indian sounds (is there a PC term for such things? hahaha I sure don't know it)

Thursday, January 15, 2015

I want a bean feast!

I want a feast -- I want a BEAN feast!  (sing it with me now, all you who grew up with the only proper Willy Wonka -- you know, the Gene Wilder version).

Today we had just that: a bean feast!  Lucy loves beans, particularly black beans.  She ate about half a cup and might have kept going, but that was all that was left.  In addition, she had a handful of cheerios and a squeeze packet of fruit.  She's definitely in a growth spurt right now.

After a feast of such proportions, a bath was clearly in order.  Baby pigtails, bubbles, and that face? I had to capture it!