Thursday, September 27, 2012

Repurposing: Old to New!

I love repurposing! I really love projects that don't cost me any money!!!  None of these cost me a thing except some time ("researching" on pinterest, assembling, and installing in some instances).  I didn't really set out for this to be a crafty blog, but that's been my life lately.  Well, crafting, job hunting, and of the three, this is the most interesting!

First up: a new jewelry holder!  I used a couple pins as inspiration found here and here.

I used a frame I already have that used to hang in my living room, added a cardboard backing that I covered in fabric left over from Ava's flower girl dress.  The spools my mom gave me and I knew they were just my style for such a project!  Add to that a mirror I already had, and a Dollar Tree tray that we used to hold communion at our wedding which I'm now using to hold my earrings and bracelets.

Next up: another reminder of the start of a lifetime of marriage!  A shadow box holding our wedding invitation, ceremony program, his boutonniere, my hair pin and garter.  A lifetime of memories began that day and I can't think of something I'd rather see each morning as I rise than a reminder of the first of many, many days and years together.  This one did cost a few dollars (for the shadow box), but I got it for 60% off at JoAnns and it will hang in our home for the rest of our lives, I hope.

Lastly, another pinteresting project to use up more of my fabric stash.  A skirt for my cutest niece, Ava. Inspiration was found here.

I used some off-white fabric for the main part.  The stars aren't really as visible as they show in the picture.  The waistband is navy blue cotton with a slight stretch to it, then the bottom bunting was a fun touch, using up SOME of my scraps, but not much... Still fun! I love seeing fabrics I love show up on cute new clothes!!!



Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Very pinteresting: coasters!

Today's project was to make coasters.  You'll start to notice a theme: I'm trying to make things cozy and use up my fabric stash.  I followed this pin:

I have to admit -- hers were a little neater than mine, but I still like them. AND they were free, so if I decide to change the style up, I don't feel guilty!

Here they are: (sorry about the picture quality... I used my phone's camera).

Happy sewing!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Scrappy scarf

I've had this blog waiting for its inaugural post for over a month... I finally decided it was time to start posting, so here's my first one: a scrappy scarf -- or TWO.  I have been pondering and pondering what to make with all these fabric scraps I own.  Finally it hit me: infinity scarves! I love them. I love to accessorize with scarves: with short sleeves when it's warm, with a jacket for fall, a sweater, jacket, scarf combo for winter...with a dress, leggings, and boots for winter? YES, please. It might be my most versatile accessory!

I used a lightweight plaid seersucker, some gray flowers left over from a wedding flag bunting I made, and a bit of dark brown with tiny white polka dots that I've had for years. I decided to do one side entirely in the plaid -- I didn't want to get TOO crazy with the patchworking... I was going for "you MADE that?" versus "Ohhh... you MAAAADE that... hmmm..." (Here's hoping I hit the mark!)

I learned a couple things as I was whipping this up:  First, do NOT sew them on all the way TIGHT if you're backing a button on one side with a button on the will NOT go through the button hole.  Secondly: if you're going to make a button's best to do that BEFORE you sew all your buttons onto the scarf or you have to GUESS when you sew the button holes with the machine later...

That's all there was to it!

This one was so fun (and I think it will be versatile with any solid shirt...or with my brown corduroy blazer!! - C'MON AUTUMN!!!) I decided to whip up another similar one with fabric I had left over from making THIS dress for Ava (niece) four years ago!

And now: the scarf from what was left...four years later: 

For this scarf I twisted it (twice or thrice) so that it wouldn't look twisted when I wore it! I love how soft and lightweight it is, yet I think it could also be warm if needed! And, bonus: it's reversible! Solid blue or a cute, fun print! 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

We went camping!

We registered for camping equipment for our wedding, and we thought it would be a shame not to quickly put it to good use.  So when the weather was still great in late September, we headed up to Deception Pass for a weekend getaway!

Turns out we were so close to the Canadian border that our phones thought we were in BC. It turned out to be a great blessing to have a no-technology weekend! We talked, laughed, ate great food, built fires, hiked and well...they say a picture's worth a thousand words, so why am I writing all this?  Take a look for yourself:

Isaac was so awesome: he set up the tent in record time, then arranged the inside so we had quite a cozy little nest!  He gave me the full length mat (love you, husband!) and slept on the too short mat.  What a guy!  We also inherited my parents' REI sleeping bags that are older than we are and still work so well! And bonus: they zip together to form a nice, roomy sleeping bag! No more sleep-clausterphobia!!

My man cooking camp style!  Then he got the fire going (this picture doesn't do it justice), and read to me by lantern-light! :) (And it was The Princess Bride! I love this man!)
Hot cocoa and then freshly perked coffee started the morning off right!  Then it was off to see the sights!  And such lovely ones we found - up high, down at the shore, and everywhere in between.  It's important to stay hydrated kid-style. I submit that one is never too old to rock the Capri Sun!
We had some tide pool adventures! I'd never stuck my finger into an anemone before. Those things have a grip!  We had such fun exploring, then it was off to climb stuff, jump off stuff, and get lost a few times...
We had the BEST time!!! And sidenote: My husband is HOT!!! 
Yep, this is the main bridge at Deception Pass and yes, I did in fact cross it on foot multiple times...while maintaining a steel grip on Isaac's arm...but I made it!  I admit I was pretty weak in the knees when we reached about the 30% point until we hit about 85% across and the end was nearby again. That is one looooong bridge! But what an adventure!
This was our first, but will not be our last, camping trip!