Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Scrappy scarf

I've had this blog waiting for its inaugural post for over a month... I finally decided it was time to start posting, so here's my first one: a scrappy scarf -- or TWO.  I have been pondering and pondering what to make with all these fabric scraps I own.  Finally it hit me: infinity scarves! I love them. I love to accessorize with scarves: with short sleeves when it's warm, with a jacket for fall, a sweater, jacket, scarf combo for winter...with a dress, leggings, and boots for winter? YES, please. It might be my most versatile accessory!

I used a lightweight plaid seersucker, some gray flowers left over from a wedding flag bunting I made, and a bit of dark brown with tiny white polka dots that I've had for years. I decided to do one side entirely in the plaid -- I didn't want to get TOO crazy with the patchworking... I was going for "you MADE that?" versus "Ohhh... you MAAAADE that... hmmm..." (Here's hoping I hit the mark!)

I learned a couple things as I was whipping this up:  First, do NOT sew them on all the way TIGHT if you're backing a button on one side with a button on the other...it will NOT go through the button hole.  Secondly: if you're going to make a button hole...it's best to do that BEFORE you sew all your buttons onto the scarf or you have to GUESS when you sew the button holes with the machine later...

That's all there was to it!

This one was so fun (and I think it will be versatile with any solid shirt...or with my brown corduroy blazer!! - C'MON AUTUMN!!!) I decided to whip up another similar one with fabric I had left over from making THIS dress for Ava (niece) four years ago!

And now: the scarf from what was left...four years later: 

For this scarf I twisted it (twice or thrice) so that it wouldn't look twisted when I wore it! I love how soft and lightweight it is, yet I think it could also be warm if needed! And, bonus: it's reversible! Solid blue or a cute, fun print! 

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