Sunday, September 23, 2012

We went camping!

We registered for camping equipment for our wedding, and we thought it would be a shame not to quickly put it to good use.  So when the weather was still great in late September, we headed up to Deception Pass for a weekend getaway!

Turns out we were so close to the Canadian border that our phones thought we were in BC. It turned out to be a great blessing to have a no-technology weekend! We talked, laughed, ate great food, built fires, hiked and well...they say a picture's worth a thousand words, so why am I writing all this?  Take a look for yourself:

Isaac was so awesome: he set up the tent in record time, then arranged the inside so we had quite a cozy little nest!  He gave me the full length mat (love you, husband!) and slept on the too short mat.  What a guy!  We also inherited my parents' REI sleeping bags that are older than we are and still work so well! And bonus: they zip together to form a nice, roomy sleeping bag! No more sleep-clausterphobia!!

My man cooking camp style!  Then he got the fire going (this picture doesn't do it justice), and read to me by lantern-light! :) (And it was The Princess Bride! I love this man!)
Hot cocoa and then freshly perked coffee started the morning off right!  Then it was off to see the sights!  And such lovely ones we found - up high, down at the shore, and everywhere in between.  It's important to stay hydrated kid-style. I submit that one is never too old to rock the Capri Sun!
We had some tide pool adventures! I'd never stuck my finger into an anemone before. Those things have a grip!  We had such fun exploring, then it was off to climb stuff, jump off stuff, and get lost a few times...
We had the BEST time!!! And sidenote: My husband is HOT!!! 
Yep, this is the main bridge at Deception Pass and yes, I did in fact cross it on foot multiple times...while maintaining a steel grip on Isaac's arm...but I made it!  I admit I was pretty weak in the knees when we reached about the 30% point until we hit about 85% across and the end was nearby again. That is one looooong bridge! But what an adventure!
This was our first, but will not be our last, camping trip!

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