Sunday, December 27, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Just a few pictures from our two Christmases.  This year I focused more on enjoying and experiencing Christmas, so the pictures were fewer and not of great quality.  But they serve to remind us of the joy we experienced as we spent time with family, exchanging gifts and celebrating Christ's birth.

Christmas at home:  We've decided to forego (at least for the early years) giving our kids (and each other) big gifts.  We are showered generously by both sides of our family, so much so we feel spoiled, indeed.  For Lucy, we wanted to continue the stocking tradition. It's so fun to have lots of little things to open.  We both have such fun memories of stockings growing up, we wanted her to have that experience, too.

Good morning, Lu Lu! 

Santa DID leave Lucy one gift that didn't fit in her stocking.  This will likely be her one big Christmas gift from us each year.  Whether it will be from "Santa" or us is TBD. :) 

It was a slow-burn.  She didn't quite get it at first, but she's had a great time rocking baby
(and getting in it herself) since then.  Good thing they used to make cradles nice and sturdy!
(This was a garage sale score from MAY of this year. I just had to! I had one growing up and loved it for years)  

Daddy helping her open up her stocking stuffers

"Chapick?"  Possibly her favorite gift from the stocking.

Giving baby juice from her new magic bottle

Counting her candy and trying to appropriate some of mine

One Direction trading cards? Oh my! 

Daddy initiating Lucy into the Pez tradition

Okay, these have been hands down her favorite stocking gift.  She wears them daily!
No more trying to steal mama and daddy's glasses!  

It snowed! For like 5 minutes, but of course we had to go out and stand in it! 

We spent Christmas afternoon at Grandma Nancy's with the McPhee clan.

Lucy passed out presents like a champ!

Luke, we love you, but you're fired from present passing. :)  You know why. 

"Gunkle Bob" enjoying his new blanket

I LOVE to color!  I'm so glad this is now a "thing"

Thank you, Grandma Nancy, for the Shoot The Moon game!! 

Isaac wanted Kapla blocks to be on Lucy's gift list...  Mostly Isaac wanted Kapla blocks. ;)
She likes to demolish his structures for him. It's a family affair! 

There was a lot of Christmasing for this little lady! 

Sunday we headed over to the Coury's for Christmas part 2 and a Seahawks game.  It was relaxed and wonderful!

Lucy's "pida" 

Not sure what he got, but it was clearly a hit! 

This girl just wanted to look at pictures of herself, Ava, and Noah over and over and over again.
Maybe we should have gotten HER a calendar for Christmas! 

100 strokes and football: it doesn't get much better in her world

Uncle Seth, nice job! She was ecstatic about being Anna! 
My mom... Always the practical, random gift giver!  She gives awesome gifts, and sometimes they're kind of hilarious, too.  Enter the shower drain hair remover.

"Put Down Ducky?"  Lucy loves Sesame Street and crayons!  Great work, Ava and Noah!
This has already brought her hours of enjoyment

And then it was time to clean up, and Lucy was naturally all over it!  "Bad-dume!" 

Lots of Mario Kart happened. 

Saturday, December 26, 2015

It's A BOY This Time!

We are thrilled to announce we are having a BOY this time around!

So far we each have a favorite name, but we likely won't agree on one until close to his due date (first week in May).  Either way, we'll keep it under wraps until he makes his debut!  

Counting for Advent

Every day of the advent season we read out of our family advent book, talking about the story of Christ's birth.  We also did a chocolate advent calendar.  Let's just say Lucy got REALLY GOOD at counting. 

And ever since then... THIS!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A few pictures from Lucy's second birthday.  A big "thank you" to the family who came out to celebrate with us during this busy time of year! 

Lucy is very into "bainbows" right now, so a rainbow cake seemed fitting! 

Watching a video of herself with Grandma
 We thought this year she might "get" the whole present thing... We underestimated the girl! She ran and picked out presents, ripped and tore into them like it was her JOB!  It was a hoot to watch!
Tearing into presents

Checking out her new puzzle from Great Aunt Patty. 

GG Nancy gave Lucy a great book about being a big sister -- great timing! 

Don't let the photo fool you: she was on those presents like white on rice! 

Thanking "Gunkle Yuke" for her new present! 

Kids giving kids presents is about the cutest thing ever! Such excitement on both sides! "Elsa! Anna!"

Shoe break! She loves new shoes! 
 Then it was time for the cake!
Here comes the cake! 

She was so excited about her cake! 

Double fisting! Girl put away some treats!! 

These two crazies! 
 When everyone had left, Lucy crashed for a great nap.  Once she woke up, she went straight for her new toys.  She cooked up a storm in her kitchen (she got new pots and pans -- and some food -- from Auntie and Uncle Brian), read her books, did her puzzles, then crashed to draw on her new Boogie Board from Nana. If you have a toddler (or any aged kid, really) and are reading this, get one of these! They are awesome! And they're cheapest at Costco. ;)

Post-sugar crash! 

The first of many messy (mussy) kitchen photos

Checking out all her new books
 When I was making dinner, I asked Lucy to go clean up her kitchen. She happily clomped off in her new high shoes.  "Keen up didtchen" -- and off she went, and reappeared a few minutes later without shoes. I didn't really think anything of it until I found this after I tucked her in to bed tonight.
I love my tidy girl!