Saturday, October 7, 2017

An October Day

It was a lovely, warm-ish sort of October day.  Lucy asked me to take her picture, and how could I say "no"?

A stick and a fire pit: what more does a boy need? 

She asked me to take her picture, and then gave me this...

Boy, n.: A noise with dirt on it. 

Sugar and spice

"Hey mom mom, I have a STICK!"

He calls me "mommom" and I melt! 

Adventuring together

So much of my life right now
Just when I feel like I can't take any more, he says "I-I-I-I-yuuuuhyooouuu" and I'm putty in his hands

Always wanting snuggles

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Lucy Says...

Lucy constantly has us cracking up with the things she says (and the crazy faces she makes).

All of her best crazy "faces" include her hands. It's become her signature

A few recent gems:

Lucy: "When I grow up I'm going to be a mommy."
Me: "Ohh."
Lucy: "I'm going to name my baby Willem. Actually I'm going to have THREE babies and name them Willem....Tori and Amelia."
(Willem is the name of our friend's new baby, Tori is her cousin, and Amelia is Tori's daughter).


We're eating dinner at GG Nancy's house.  Everyone is having pizza, except Lucy, who is having some rice leftovers from Grandma's takeout lunch.  (Rice is her favorite food, it wasn't a punishment).
Isaac: "Lucy, how do you like your rice?"
Lucy: "Wif soy sauce." (Although with her enduring and endearing lisp, it sounded more like with thoy thauthe)


Tonight at dinner daddy is teasing her: "Do you eat with your EARS? Do you eat with your TOES? Do you eat with your NOSE?" Lucy is laughing and saying "no" to each one.
Daddy: "Okay, what DO you eat with?"
Lucy: "A spoon and a fork. Or my hands. I eat pizza wiff my hands."


Lucy is in Isaac's office, and picks up his duck call.
Lucy: "What's this, dada?"
Daddy: "That's a duck call"
Lucy, with confidence: "Oh." (puts duck call to mouth and yells) "Here ducky, ducky!"

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Happy First Birthday, Malcolm!

Happy first birthday, sweet baby boy! 

Height: 31.8 inches (98th percentile)
Weight: 24 pounds, 4 ounces (88th percentile)
Head: 19.4 inches (off the charts -- still! Somehow there's something greater than 100%)
2 teeth 

Malcolm's favorite things are mama, food, and following dada and sister around the house.  He will eat anything now, except eggs.  Eggs make him angry.  He eats three meals a day, and nurses four times a day (morning, naps, and bedtime).  

Just in time for his birthday, Malcolm began walking! May 1st he took off and hasn't looked back. 

Malcolm plays in the kitchen, mostly pulling everything out and then walking around everywhere with a spatula or the pretend pizza cutter. He loves his dinosaur. He gives hugs now and loves to dive to give hugs, then right back to mama or dad.  He has also started giving (very open-mouthed) kisses! 

Last night as an 11 month old

For Malcolm's birthday we took him to the Pt. Defiance Zoo & Aquarium.  We all had a great time! 

The zoo proved to be a little too exciting for the birthday boy

My birthday boy!

My little Pooh Bear: always hungry! 
Making his cake, letting him taste the frosting, per tradition!

A quick photo shoot of the birthday boy:

Birthday prayers

Cake Time!

"Mama, why did you take my fork away?"

Playing peek-a-boo

How many people does it take to clean up a birthday baby? 

Answer: 1 Nana + 1 Grandma