Thursday, September 27, 2012

Repurposing: Old to New!

I love repurposing! I really love projects that don't cost me any money!!!  None of these cost me a thing except some time ("researching" on pinterest, assembling, and installing in some instances).  I didn't really set out for this to be a crafty blog, but that's been my life lately.  Well, crafting, job hunting, and of the three, this is the most interesting!

First up: a new jewelry holder!  I used a couple pins as inspiration found here and here.

I used a frame I already have that used to hang in my living room, added a cardboard backing that I covered in fabric left over from Ava's flower girl dress.  The spools my mom gave me and I knew they were just my style for such a project!  Add to that a mirror I already had, and a Dollar Tree tray that we used to hold communion at our wedding which I'm now using to hold my earrings and bracelets.

Next up: another reminder of the start of a lifetime of marriage!  A shadow box holding our wedding invitation, ceremony program, his boutonniere, my hair pin and garter.  A lifetime of memories began that day and I can't think of something I'd rather see each morning as I rise than a reminder of the first of many, many days and years together.  This one did cost a few dollars (for the shadow box), but I got it for 60% off at JoAnns and it will hang in our home for the rest of our lives, I hope.

Lastly, another pinteresting project to use up more of my fabric stash.  A skirt for my cutest niece, Ava. Inspiration was found here.

I used some off-white fabric for the main part.  The stars aren't really as visible as they show in the picture.  The waistband is navy blue cotton with a slight stretch to it, then the bottom bunting was a fun touch, using up SOME of my scraps, but not much... Still fun! I love seeing fabrics I love show up on cute new clothes!!!



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