Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving THANKS(giving)

Thanksgiving morning dawned cold and grey, just as it ought in the Pacific Northwest.  Isaac wanted to ensure Charlie got his part in the feasting...  It took Charlie the better part of the day just to figure out how to get started on his giant bone.  I admit, though, our crazy dog made quick work of that rawhide once he got started!

It was a mild morning so we decided to walk on the trail just a couple blocks from our house.  Charlie loves to be out in the woods. He has complete freedom to smell, run, jump, repeat!  We've been blessed with a dog that comes when he's called, so we feel entirely comfortable giving him freedom to romp around!

Tell me, who wouldn't want that BEAST (last picture) charging at them full speed? We love it, drool laces and all!  He'll respond to his name or our whistle for him and come back for a "touchback" where he runs to us, touches one of us, then starts out again.

There are few things I love more than going on a walk holding my husband's hand!

Look at that handsome dog! He was just coming out of a full "point" at this moment! He's got quite the nose... He'd make a great hunting dog: he rarely barks, he's got a soft bite (he mouths with no pressure), he's got an amazing sense of smell, and he comes when called. 
After our walk we'd worked up an appetite so we headed over to Grandma Nancy's for some further thanks giving with the extended McPhee family!

The food was delicious!  And we had a great time catching up with Isaac's side of the family...even if they are a small group, they make up for it with constant stories and plenty of laughter!

Once we had recovered from our excellent feast, we settled in for the family game: FANTAM!

Don't let that sweet little grandma fool you: she's cutthroat!

We have so much to be thankful for this year.  God has blessed us both.  Our greatest thanks is for God bringing us together in a marriage that celebrates Christ and draws each of us closer to Him and through each other as we learn repentance, love, and self-sacrifice.  God is good! 

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