Monday, May 23, 2016

Malcolm's First Bath

Malcolm had a busy morning: peeing all over himself and then spitting up in such a way that he filled his ears, his hair, and his neck creases with curdled milk...  It was time for a bath.  He'd had his first, first bath in the hospital, but we'd only been washing him with a wipe since he got home since his umbilical cord was still attached, and then he was circumcised.  

He wasn't too sure about this whole "bath" idea -- he doesn't like to be naked -- but he quickly warmed up to it! 

No idea what's coming next...

My little helper there, prepping the sink. 

Mama, I do NOT like this....not one bit. 

Hm...Okay, maybe this isn't SO bad.  
Um, mom? Are you SURE it's a good idea to let her help? 

All fresh and clean! 

Put me back in the bath, woman! 

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