Monday, August 1, 2016

Beware the Frog! He's Gonna GET YA!

Lucy:  "There's a frog in my room."
Isaac: "There's a frog in your room?"
Lucy: "Yeah."
Isaac: "Um... what does the frog do?"
Lucy:  "Yeah. (whispers) He gets me." 
(Takes a bite of oatmeal)
Lucy:  "He's gone now."
(Takes a bite of oatmeal)

Later that morning: 

Me:   "Tell me about your frog"
Lucy: "He comes in through the door when my sleeping." 
Me:   "Is he nice?"
Lucy: "Yeah. He nice. He gets me. He come in the door in my room. He is home now. He go to his home." 

At dinner: 

Me:     "Tell me some more about your frog. What does he do?"
Lucy:   "Uhhh... It come in my yoom and kill me." 
Me:      "!!!!!!!!"  Meanwhile, Isaac is having an absolute conniption trying not to laugh, and we're BOTH trying to figure out how she learned about murder! 

So either there's a murderous, but also genial frog on the loose, or Lucy remembered her first dream, OR we have a new and slightly disturbing imaginary friend.  Cootie Ca Ca he is NOT. 

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