Thursday, September 15, 2016

Leavenworth Day Trip

We wanted to give summer one last hurrah before we accepted that it really was fall and the kids started school.  The perks of having a niece and nephew that homeschool is that we can go midweek when there aren't any crowds.  We had a great time hiking, splashing in the river, and hitting the candy shop in town. 

Lucy was so excited to be riding in the very back with the big kids! 

Hiking Crew: 

Lucy's mantra: "My a good hiker!" 

We're still working on making her mantra true... 

After a hike and lunch, Lucy was exhausted and was ready for a nap.  Too bad she missed the memo! So it was off to ride the train and then play mini golf.  
It's a shame that "playing golf" quickly turned into running Lucy to the potty -- multiple times as she's grabbing her buns and saying "Need go poopies!" 

"May I be awake now, mama?"

At least we were near a really nice bathroom because we sat here for at least 45 minutes...  So much for playing golf! 

 And then it was off to town to buy some CANDY:

I'm reading, I'm reading... I don't see anything here that says "don't feed to babies"

The many faces of Malcolm McPhee:

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