Sunday, November 17, 2013

8 Months!

I'll officially have completed eight months of pregnancy on Thursday!  I'm trying to record my thoughts and feelings throughout this pregnancy, mostly for myself, so feel free to skim through my ramblings below. :)

I still feel pretty great -- no nausea!  I have a lot of achiness now in my finger joints, my feet (all the time), my lower back, my legs, sometimes my belly...but these are typical aches from having a growing person in my belly and having added 30ish pounds to my frame in less than six months.  When else will I have these unique circumstances?  All in all, I feel pretty good!

My energy levels are hit and miss, but I'm to the point that I feel the need, nay the compulsion to prepare for this little one's arrival!  Isaac, bless him, is trying to keep up with my project list, and has been a trooper through my restlessness, even in the face of exhaustion.

Typical conversation between us:

"I'm sooo tired."
Isaac: "Just sit down and relax"
Me (after a few minutes of attempting to sit still): "Yeah, I just need to be DOING something"
Isaac: "Yeah, I can see that." (Bless him for not kicking me off the couch as I attempt to snuggle with him and relax, while constantly shifting and twitching).

I just cannot sit still. I'm either doing something, or sleeping.  This has necessitated coming up with creative ways to prepare without spending a ton of money.  I'll show all the projects in another post, but let's just say, there have been plenty in addition to a huge increase in my cleaning. Suddenly it's imperative that our house be very, very clean all. the. time. All the time. I'm trying to temper this so as to not make my husband insane. I don't think he'd appreciate me cleaning up his plate as he's trying to finish his meal. So I'm trying to be okay with a few dishes here and there, and not putting the laundry away the second I hear the dryer beep.

Sleep is getting more tricky. It's hard to find a position that's comfortable for more than a few minutes. Turning over is a monumental event that leaves both of us awake for several minutes.  Though last night I slept the clock around. I know these days are numbered, so I fully enjoyed it, though when I finally woke and got up at 8:30 this morning (yes, this means I was asleep before 8:30 last night), I had quite the sleep hangover.

And now what you probably wanted, a few photos of my penultimate month of pregnancy!!  My shirts are getting too short, and my pants are down to two pairs that will fit over my belly (more or less) coat is struggling as I ask more and more of that second button to keep me warm and dry through the rainy season. I figure by next week I'll be forced into wearing Isaac's hiking coat, which is positively tent-like, but it's December, and I'm really pregnant. I'm sure I'll be thankful for it the first time I step out in it in the rain and don't end up completely soaked!

In case you thought I was joking about my giant belly, and no longer fitting my shirts, I give you exhibit D: 


  1. You and Baby Girl are looking great. It is so cool that you are able to track your journey with photos and memories. What a treasure in the years to come. So many times I wish I could remember some details of my own pregnancies but can't. This is a wonderful way to remember!

  2. OH, the CLEANING!! Your poor Papa. At my best (or worst): he was getting ready to go to work & had gotten his shaving things out, then stepped out of the bathroom to get something. I walked by, saw the stuff out and whisked it all away before he'd used it. oops!

    Truly, you could've eaten off our floors! It wasn't nearly so bad with the subsequent pregnancies, mostly because I was too busy tending to other kids, I think. Enjoy the energy and hopefully you won't drive Isaac too crazy.