Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bragging on my man

Isaac Michael McPhee.

What can I say?  He is the best husband a gal could ever imagine.  Sometimes I just need to brag on him, he's just so good to me.  I want to remember the little things he does to serve me.

This weekend he got up in the morning and made me coffee and brought it to me in bed, he then made me breakfast and watched Lucy so I could go to workout class (which is also a great fellowship opportunity with likeminded moms) and not be distracted.  I came home and he treated me to a nap, and an amazing dinner we've dubbed "Chicken McPheelington."

Then that night he got up with the baby every time she cried.  He tried to feed her a bottle so I could sleep, but alas, she wasn't having it.  His solution was to get up with her, bring her to nurse in bed, pick her back up when she was done, change her, swaddle her, soothe her back to sleep, and repeat (like a lot! She was up on the hour at some points).  He never complained, and I got a ton more sleep than usual!

 This was all in just one day.

He loves our daughter and has captivated her little heart already, which melts my heart that much more! And he's an amazing uncle to two little kiddos who think he's just the greatest, and as a result climb all over him!

I love him!

Bonus: he's a total stud! He walked out in this today...how could I not snap a picture (or two)


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