Friday, April 18, 2014

My First Girl!

My little niece!  This little girl was the first to steal my heart so fully, well before I became a mommy myself.  I am in awe of how grown up she is now.  She's a sweet, spunky, smart (too smart sometimes), caring, nurturing little girl.   She has a wonderful imagination and I love to watch her play.  

The other day I was at their house and she was in full ballerina mode from her hair in a bun to her toes in ballet slippers.  I must interject here how proud I am of my big sister: she let Ava go to the store wearing this getup (with only a change of shoes and the addition of a jacket).  There was definitely a time this would not have been an approved choice, but she's letting her kids be kids, and I love that about her! 

Oh, goodness, this little girl looooves babies!  LOVES.  She is a natural with Lucy.  Just look at this big girl holding my baby -- and I wasn't even nervous!  

I love you, my sweet Ava girl! 

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