Saturday, November 22, 2014

11 Months

I love you, my sweet little nut!
A couple of nights ago I was holding my tired, teething baby in my arms, cradling her like I did when she was a newborn and it struck me: she's not little any more!  I know in a couple of years I'll look back and think how little she is, but right now I'm in awe of how my tiny baby has become this near-toddler with insatiable curiosity, drive, humor, dexterity, and so much more.

The sweater finally fits! Mama is so happy!

Baby ringlets! 

Lucy eats three meals a day, and I'm thinking about incorporating an afternoon snack as we begin the weaning process.  She is still nursing 5 times a day, but I'm trying to slowly wean her off the late afternoon feeding.  She nurses 1-2 times a night, though more and more she's only waking to eat once per night.  I could write a long post on sleep training, but to summarize: It shouldn't be a major battle.  If it is, baby isn't ready, so keep night feeding.  I'm not saying she doesn't sometimes cry and get angry when we go in and say "ni-night" and don't get her up to eat, but the crying lasts no more than two minutes and she's back to sleep with her paci.  Paci = magic -- specifically her giraffe wubbanub. It was worth all the nights of getting up to give it to her when she was swaddled and it would fall out. It puts her right to sleep now! 

Pacis: The more, the happier

Just yesterday I found her playing in the toilet.  The toilet.  I had been getting ready for the day in the bathroom, then left to get dressed.  She stayed behind, but I wasn't worried: the toilet lid was down and she usually follows me from room to room.  Well this time she stayed behind.  A couple minutes went by and I decided to check on her.  There she was, clearly pleased with herself, lifting the toilet seat cover enough to reach an arm inside, splashing in the water, then drawing her arm out, hitting the lid, and repeat.  After a thorough hand-washing and a silent "thank you" that I had indeed flushed the toilet, I consoled my now very angry child: I had taken away her toilet water game, and didn't let her hang out in the sink playing with the soap bubbles -- mean mommy!  

Mean mommy said she had to sit in the bath
I don't quite know how to describe Lucy's current stage now other than "fun".  It's truly a delight to watch her motor around (on all fours, or scooting along furniture), playing and making herself laugh. She's more inquisitive than ever, stubborn, determined, enthralled with life, mama-loving, daddy-delighting, and independent.  
Miss Mischief in Action
Escape artist! Enjoying her diaper-free time
The hardest development we've had this month is the onset of separation anxiety and stranger-danger.  Lucy wants her mama, and gets quite upset if anyone (including daddy) takes her away when she's in an uncertain situation.  I know it's hard on daddy!  She does warm up splendidly after a few minutes when she realizes that whoever is new is not going to take her away from mom, and she will willingly be held by just about anyone if they're patient enough to let her decide they're safe. 

Lately I've watched Lucy find her sock that had fallen off, sit up and spend the next minute or two trying to “put it back on” by repeatedly pressing it on her bare foot.  Then she decided to pull of her OTHER sock.  Today she saw that I had her sock in my hand and lifted her foot in the air and laughed.  She's also seen her shoe and sat and put it against her foot and then looked at me. 
She's ready to go! 
Cold weather walks call for lots of layers! 

Showing daddy how it's done
Snuggling with mommy, reading a book
Introducing her to the sewing machine
Hanging out with Carly and GG Nancy
Snug as a bug! 
First pigtails! 

My favorite development this month is her utter joy when daddy arrives home each day.  Wherever she is when she hears his key in the lock, she drops whatever she has, and makes a beeline for the front door with a big grin on her face.  If I'm holding her, she'll throw herself in the direction of the door until I put her down so she can crawl over and greet him.  

I love these two more than anything!

I'm 11 months, y'all!

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