Saturday, November 22, 2014

Thanksgiving - part 1

We kicked off Thanksgiving a little early this year with a celebration dinner at Farrington Court with Grandfather and (Great) Auntie Bea.  The dinner was lovely, but the company was exceptional!  I know Grandfather felt well-loved and blessed by his many grands and great-grands that could come! (Well, and his daughter, sister, niece, great niece, great-great niece...)  Really, though, this post is about the pictures, not words: 

Four generations

Caleb and Gideon Arnold 

Lael and Gwenna -- best buds and total hams! 

London -- this boy is a flirt! He's the best! 

Amelia (and Kinley photobombing)

We are all very thankful for this man and his 98 years of life and wisdom! 

My little Lucy Lu

Amelia was doling out hugs to all within her reach

If only you could bottle up this sweetness! Tori, you'd be a billionaire!

Auntie Lorna with her youngest, her grands and a great-niece

He kept asking for his picture to be taken: I was powerless to say "no"

Auntie Jade and London

London and Lucy: just a month apart

Lucy getting some cousin love

Seriously: this kid! 

Lucy and Grandfather were equally enthralled with one another...
Thankful we got to begin this holiday season with such a great man!
I love him!

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