Wednesday, July 22, 2015

19 months

Our spunky little girl is 19 months old today!  It's amazing to look back at pictures of her one year ago and think how much she's changed and grown.  She has so many words and ideas.  She's beginning to combine words and ideas into simple phrases.  Just the other day she was signing something new and I couldn't understand, so she pointed to her ear.  I asked if she'd heard it and she said "yes", then I realized she was signing "train" that she'd heard at the park that day.  So big! 

Lucy has 12 teeth and no signs of getting her canines any time soon.  She's extremely ticklish, especially just beneath her neck, and she loves to be tickled and chased.  She's a daredevil with NO fear of heights, loves milk, and her dada!  When she's ready for bed she gathers her blanket, giraffes, and baby and walks, sometimes runs, to her crib.  

Her favorite word is an emphatic "no", even when she means "yes".  She is contrary just for the sake of testing us -- and it's sometimes very frustrating, but other times it's hard not to just laugh at her.  We're working on it! ;) 

At 19 months, 1 week Lucy dropped her morning nap.  She'd begun to stretch her afternoon nap to later and later in the day (around 4pm, then we'd wake her at 5 so she'd go down again at 7).  One day as I was watching her for signs that she was ready to nap, I realized it was 11:15 and she hadn't acted tired yet.  I fed her lunch and put her to bed, and that was that. We haven't looked back! 

I had to add both of these videos -- sorry they're kind of long and unedited -- because they just capture who she is at 19 months. I want to capture her little personality as she changes so much day by day. 

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