Saturday, July 11, 2015

GF's 99th

No explanation needed here: the old man turned 99, and that merits a shindig!  Here are just a very few of my favorite shots of the day: 

Caleb relaxing -- all alone, of course

My man and my baby

Brrrr!! It was cool and overcast, but that didn't stop these fishes from swimming!

All the Canadians! 

Auntie SAM and Uncle Paul reminiscing over old photographs

This little fairy sprite (Amelia) LOVES her Auntie Peggie

Sweet Kinley and her daddy

Grammy for the win!  I think she was the only adult to brave the pool -- such a hero to the littles! 

Attempting a cousins with our babies pictures -- this was as good as it got!
Katie and Lucy with Nickole and Sapphire

He was overwhelmed by the attention when we sang him Happy Birthday
All the "Lornes" -- and Gwenna 
Uncle Paul and Tori
Little sister and big brother: some things never change! 

This kid! 

Uncle Wade and two of his ladies

So much family love! 

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