Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Lucy-isms at 2 (plus a couple months)

I really don't expect anyone but me, and perhaps the grandparents, to care much about these little snippets.  It's mostly for me to remember Lucy's sweet voice and diction at this age.  She has already changed the way she said so many things, I wanted to preserve a few of them.

I had to capture a few of my favorite Lucy pronunciations before they change.  She's growing so quickly and her speech is maturing and changing almost daily.

And since I'm not sure you can hear her saying volleyball (bobby ball) at the start of this video, hopefully this one comes through somewhat clearly, despite the distractions and background noise.  

And if you're still watching, one more video showing one of the many (random) things daddy has taught her.  And, let me be honest: I ask her to say "hiccups" or "lips" just about every day because her lisp just melts my heart! 

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