Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Happy HALF birthday, Dear Lucy

When your birthday falls three days before Christmas, it tends to get rather overshadowed.  To remedy this, we decided to start the tradition of celebrating Lucy's half birthday each year, instead of her "real" birthday.  We'll do something with her, just the four of us, on her actual day each year, but wanted to start the tradition of having family celebrate her in summer each year!  Plus, aren't summer birthdays just the BEST?!

Lucy had been asking for a birthday (a burr-day) for weeks, so it was kind of awesome that we got to give her one! She was SO excited!  Coming through a month of so many birthdays (seriously, May, you've hit your maximum), it was fun to have a little celebration mid-June.

Happy HALF birthday, sweet girl! 

This is Two and a Half

Since we live in a condo complex with a pool, we thought there was no better way to celebrate than to take full advantage and have a POOL PARTY!  Thank you to all the cousins and friends and family that came out to make our girl feel special!

My fearless girl swimming

Oh, Amelia Q. You are the best. 

Lucy and one of her FAVORITE people: Sophia

Most of the littles! 

The higher, the better! 

Girl's got STYLE! 


What party would be complete without a cake and a song? We sang "Happy Half-Birthday". She loved it!

Since we had lots of gluten-free cousins attending, we made a giant rice crispy cake. I highly recommend it! :) 

Malcolm and his GG Nancy

Bubbles and a backpack: heavenly! 

When you're the birthday girl, you are the last to finish your treat... 

7 weeks and 2.5 years

Spraying her bubbles, of course. 

Happy 2.5, LuLu Bear! 

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