Monday, July 4, 2016

Malcolm at 2 months

Happy two months, Mr. Man!  Malcolm now goes by buddy, brother, Mr. Man, Mr. Malcolm, "broyer", and Chubby Bubby.  He's proving to be a happy baby, and loves to eat and sleep!  He holds his head up, tracks with his eyes, and is very smiley!  He coos and smiles at us.  He's not such a big spitter as his sister was, but he certainly has his moments! 

He's topping the charts with a height of 25 inches (99th percentile) and a weight of 14 lbs, 10 oz (92 percentile.  His head has dropped to the 90th percentile.  He's wearing 6 month clothes already.  I finally had to give up trying to stuff him into my favorite 3m clothes a week or two ago.  He looked so uncomfortable. My baby is just growing up too quickly for this mama! 

He smiles at his reflection in the mirror hanging over his activity mat, and smiles at people he knows. He's very ticklish everywhere, but especially on his sides and his chin. 

He scoots himself all around his bassinet now, and we often find him at the other end from where we laid him down, usually sideways to boot.  Big sister is adjusting well and loves to help with diaper changes and giving him his paci (his "dino") when he's upset.  Just yesterday she put him back to sleep by giving him his paci when he woke up fussing. I was amazed! 

Sleeping is serious business

My dapper little guy! 

My favorite of his many expressions! 

Malcolm got to meet his Uncle Seth this month! 

Seriously -- this expression is the BEST! 

Uncle Love
As you can see he was not thrilled to be wearing his too-small pajamas.
But these were my favorites and I had to record them for posterity before putting them away! 

After a massive, up-the-back blowout: sink bath at Dintie's house! 

My little super guy! 

Sibling love! 


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