Sunday, July 3, 2016

Montana: One Last Time

Isaac's mom and dad are selling their amazing dream home in Plains, MT.  Once we knew they'd accepted an offer, we knew we had to make it out for one last visit!  It's such a beautiful location.

We packed up Nana's minivan (thanks, Mom!), grabbed Uncle Luke, and we were off!  Now, traveling with two small children is not always a walk in the park. Particularly when your toddler decides to be extremely constipated and screams like a banshee for the better part of the second half. Poor kiddo! After many, many stops to get out and walk, the worst was over (she pooped), and we finally rolled into Montana about 10.5 hours after we left. (It's a 7 hour drive).  Whew!  We all crashed, but were up and raring to go the next morning!

I was worried how Malcolm would do in the car for so long.  It turns out he's a great road tripper. He slept, would wake up to eat, and go immediately back to sleep. I was worried after he literally slept all day that he'd be up all night. Nope! He slept all night, too, except when he was hungry.

We're going to be in the car for HOW long?
Taking a break from the van

This is how Malcolm does vacation...

Delving into the treasure chest: childhood papers! 

I made this outfit for Ava Roo for her second birthday... Now my LuLu is wearing it. 

Gunkle Yuke with Malcolm

Seriously, this kid napped all over the place! 

How she insisted on sleeping. Yes, they are both asleep! 

This butterfly came to the hummingbird feeder. A moment later a hummingbird buzzed in, and he was NOT happy!

Picking "beyyies" with Daddy and Gunkle Luke

Grandma had the magic touch! 


Lucy and her buddy, Matthew (aka "Mafoo")

We tried so hard to keep a diaper on her while he was there... Seriously, this girl spent three full days glorying in running naked! 

Daddy is hilarious! 

The best accessory for not having lost the baby weight? Wear the BABY! :) 

Swimming in the "wiver"

At the swimming hole

Lucy got to kayak solo for the first time.  She loved it! Clearly she's a natural. 

And just like that, we were on our way home... Thank you, Dave and Judy, for being fabulous hosts as always! And thanks, Luke, for stepping in and learning to make lattes and saving us all from caffeine withdrawals!!! 

This is what happens when you usually sleep 11-12 hours a night, and instead you sleep (maybe!) seven...

On the way home we found a church with a cool playground, so Lucy got to run around a bit! :) 

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