Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy Halloween!

This year we had two little monkeys visit us for Halloween! 

And we're done. 

My chunky monkey! 
This year we joined the Coury, Jones, Courtier, Bonnell crews for a trip to the pirate ship, good food, and Trick or Treating!  Lucy's short legs and awe of all the big kids meant we couldn't quite keep pace, but she had a great time nonetheless.  

Me and my monkey at the pirate ship
Malcolm was back at the Courtiers' with daddy, having a nap
 Most of the kids:

Lucy and Josie have the ultimate toddler friendship: they love to love each other, but not simultaneously. They equally love to hug the other, but not to receive said hugs. It's pretty entertaining to watch! 


Lucy and Jace watching the dancing skeleton band
 I think the only time Lucy cried the entire night was when I told her we were going to leave. She was mesmerized by the movie being projected: a skeleton band playing jazz music.

It didn't take long for Lucy to figure out Trick or Treating! Her legs might be short, so she hit about a third the houses that the rest of the kids got to, but that didn't phase her. After each stop, she sat down and examined her booty.  She did great saying "Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat" and "Thank you" at each house. She even disappeared at one point and made it to a door alone when Isaac and I stopped to admire a house's decorations!

It was a crazy whirlwind, but it was all worth it to us when we heard her tell Isaac: "I'm so glad you're here dada. I having so much fun!" And really, isn't that what's it's supposed to be all about?
First ever Trick-or-Treat prize! A full-sized Kit Kat.

Cutest little monkey! 

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