Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Malcolm at 11 Months

It dawned on me tonight that Malcolm will be ONE next month. A whole year of this little love bug!

Malcolm has finally decided that meat isn't a form of torture. He will gladly put away daddy's pot roast, taco meat, well-seasoned chicken, and hot dogs. His favorite foods continue to be bananas, puffs, anything in a pouch, and strawberries.  He still hates rice, though. Go figure! 

Malcolm chose today to take not one, but SIX steps from standing in the living room over to dada! We tried for a video, but we over-incentivized him with fresh puffs and he took off crawling.  He's consistently standing on his own now (just the last few days) and thinks he's hot stuff. 

Malcolm still has no teeth breaking through. He's drooling as much as ever, though. 

He says "dada", signs "more" (clasps hands and puts them over his head), and has started waving. 

He's started reaching his hands up to be held, and has definite preferences. The other day he grinned at me from daddy's arms and grabbed tightly to him and laid his head down when I tried to take him. Sweet boy LOVES his dada! 

Malcolm loves his monkey. At every sleep time and wake time he sits quietly in his crib, sucking his paci and playing with his monkey. I often peek in on him and find him with his monkey snuggled up next to him or tucked under his arm when he's sleeping. 

Showing off his standing skills! 

Mama, that's so funny! You put monkey in a tree! 

Wearing hand-me-down overalls that were first worn by Uncle Luke, then dada, then Lucy! 

Tasting the outdoors. 

Not the best picture of our yard, but I couldn't delete it. Just look at those cheeks. I need to kiss them! 

This kid. He LOVES to eat. Loves. To. Eat.
Pouches are a favorite of his, but it's always rather tragic when he reaches the end. 

11 months, 1 day: taking some early steps: 

Now, you may be asking "where's the Lucy photo-bombing photos?" Well, here's the thing. Lucy loves (loves) to be contrary. I very specifically instructed her not to nap today. She napped yesterday and it took her a solid 90 minutes to recover (read: she cried for 90 minutes).  So, naturally she fell right to sleep during her quiet time. I even left the blinds up so it would be too bright to sleep.

Contrary. And precious! I love this girl!

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