Friday, March 17, 2017

Uncle Seth Visits

Uncle Seth came to town for a whirlwind visit. We got him for just 24 short hours, so we packed in as much visiting as we could.  Lucy didn't leave his side (or lap!) the entire time. She even asked to watch him shower (Seth: "Nah."), and was waiting outside the door to check that he'd washed his hands after he went potty.  Malcolm was smitten, as well.  Seth had some great ideas for our house, too. I can't wait for another, longer visit -- hopefully this summer! We love you, Seth! 

Hi, I love yo' face! 

Malcolm channeling Uncle Seth with the epic drool. 

Look who else came for a visit! "Gran-pahyer"

Lucy taking good care of her uncle

Keeping Malcolm busy at the restaurant. Right before he managed to get this open. ha! 

Reading "Lady & The Tramp"

Enduring Lucy's faaaavorite cartoon, Daniel Tiger like such a good uncle! 

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