Saturday, March 4, 2017

Malcolm at 10 Months

Our happy guy is 10 months old!  

Malcolm is  seriously happy baby! He's wearing 18 month clothes, with a few 24m clothes mixed in (big boy!).  He sleeps from 7pm until 8 or 9am each morning, waking once to nurse. He naps twice a day, lately for more than 2 hours each. 

He eats three meals a day, and still nurses around four times a day and once most nights. When he's hungry he bangs on the tray as hard as he can until I give him more. He also signs (I think?) "more": lifting his clasped hands over his head and smiling. His favorite foods are avocado, banana, mac n cheese, and anything mama has. 

Malcolm is on the verge of walking and loves to hold our hands and walk around, walk holding onto the wall or the furniture, or his very favorite: walking with big sister's cart!  We expect him to take off this month, walking unassisted. He also loves to play in Lucy's room or in the playroom with her kitchen.  

Malcolm is quite a mama's boy these days.  He can be happily playing when mama walks past and suddenly he needs me desperately. He likes to crawl around after me until I give in and pick him up and he rides happily on my hip.  

He's a quiet little fella.  He has gotten into way more mischief than sister ever did.  His favorite thing to do is crawl off to the bathroom to play with the toilet paper. Once he's emptied the roll (and he's SO proud when he does), he moves on to the trash.  I can't count the number of times I've found him in the bathroom. If the toilet lid is up, he likes to splash in the super cool pool. He doesn't get why mama always seems upset when he gets to it. He's so proud of himself!  We try to keep the doors closed, but with a three year old needing to potty all the time, it gets left open a lot...

Malcolm is working hard on getting his first two teeth, which we expect to burst through any day now! 

He plays in the kitchen every day. 

His other favorite person! 

Hanging out on Eggo with his prized possession: mama's phone

Constant motion: had to bribe him with my phone to get him to hold still

What else can I get into? 

Look who can reach the piano!

Shots over the last month...

Rainstorm + grocery shopping + forgotten hat

Chief Mischief Maker

Baby Giant

Smiling eyes because he figured out the magic of the food pouch!

Learning to walk is not without its challenges. 

Learning to walk is exhausting.  This little guy loves his monkey! 

He chews on everything. EEEEVERYthing. 

Getting the hang of it! 

 A few videos to round out this post!  

Malcolm walking along the coffee table

Malcolm walking with the cart! 

Lucy feeding Malcolm

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