Friday, February 10, 2017

OUCH! That was no typical stubbed toe!

Just after Thanksgiving I was making dinner while also cleaning up the living room.  I ran into the living room to put away some of Lucy's toys, then as I was running back to make sure the pancakes didn't burn, I ran into the chair with my foot.  OUCH!  I hobbled into the kitchen to flip the pancake and catch my breath.  Isaac found me and took over dinner. I waited for the pain to subside...  It just stayed at that same "just jammed my toe" intensity -- all through dinner, all night in bed, all the next morning at MOPS.  "I think I broke my toe."  It seemed ridiculous to think it was a broken bone when I'd only just stubbed it.  It was pretty black and blue with minor swelling.

All through December (putting our house on the market, Christmas, selling, packing, moving, kids, etc.) and January (unpacking, cleaning, renovating, kids, etc.) I hobbled and hopped and tried to get along.

Finally, in late January I went to the doctor on an unrelated matter. I mentioned that my toe was still giving me considerable trouble.  It was still hurting when I was standing, I couldn't bend it, it was swollen, and I was over it.  Well, he took an x-ray and found not one, not two, but THREE fractures, one of which went into the joint.  OUUUUCH!  I now felt a little relieved that I wasn't being a huge wimp, it was actually broken and would actually hurt. A lot.

Fast forward to February 3rd and it's starting to feel somewhat better, which means it was time to stub it again.  Yep, same toe, same excruciating, instant, intense pain!  One of the hazards of rehabbing a home is that stuff is everywhere and it's difficult to navigate.

Thankfully this seems to have bruised it, but not reinsured it in any more serious way. It still hurts if I do a lot of walking or standing on my toes or kneeling, but I'm finally starting to get around without pain most days.

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