Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Yesterday marked the first big snow we've had since either of our kids were born.  Up until this time we've only had a dusting, at most.  This time we got hit with about seven inches!  My mom was staying with us, and it was the perfect chance to bundle up, play hard, then sip warm (NOT HOT) cocoa (per Lucy's very clear instructions).  

Nothing cuter than a baby in a snowsuit! Oh wait, a baby that can snap herself in! 

Lucy was captivated by eating snow. It's all she wanted to do! 

Malcolm was unimpressed. 

Helping dada make a snowman

Aaaand then the head fell off! 

Snow angel!  

Lucy's unorthodox approach to a snow angel! 

Building an igloo that quickly became a tunnel

Crawling through daddy's tunnel

She was very upset that her snowman fell down

Giving him a farewell hug

We lost a tree in the storm

Back inside for WARM cocoa

And lots of mama kisses!

What do you think of snow, Lucy? 

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