Saturday, February 4, 2017

Malcolm at 9 Months

Happy 9 months, Buddy! 
Malcolm, you are the happiest, chunkiest, most mama-loving little man! You're crawling, wants to walk, wants mama all the time (unless he's sneaking off to commit mischief), says "ba ba ba" and growls all day long. 

He "mmmm's" when he wants something to eat.  No teeth to speak of, but he'll try any food that's put in front of him, and he has a pretty wide palate. So far he hates green beans and rice, and he's not wild about eggs. 

He naps twice a day, sleeps from 6 or 7 at night to 8-9 in the morning (waking up to twice a night). 
He's absolutely ENORMOUS! Boy is starting to outgrow his 18 month onesies already.

Head:  (off the charts)
Height: 30 inches (95th percentile)
Weight: 22 lb, 10 oz (90th percentile)


Happy, drooly baby

Bribing him with yogurt melts to sit still. 

One of the things we love about our new kitchen is the extra deep sink! Perfect for baby baths! Big sister is getting really good at helping get Malcolm clean. 

My sweet boy still sleeps on his face! haha

This pretty well sums up his attitude toward food...

Catching some air. ALWAYS with the open mouthed grin! 

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