Monday, January 23, 2017

Outside Our New House at East B St

Welcome to the jungle aka the outside of our house!  The first thing we noticed when we arrived was all the trees at the front.  Sure, we love trees, but this was kind of excessive. They were compromising the foundation, sewer lines, and making the house so dark.  

See our house back in there? 

It's a good rule of thumb that a tree that has to grow AROUND the eves of your house is too close to said house. 
So, the trees...They were clearly too close.  It was sad to say "goodbye" to the cedar trees, but it was worth it for all the light we get in exchange!  We had several bids from tree guys, and found a great one.  Phase 1 of the outside renovation is now complete:
We all loved watching the guys work from the safety of the house.  

This crazy girl! 

Ah, much better! Hello, house! 
Now for the rest of the yard: 

The back patio (view from the kitchen/mudroom, toward the shop/garage)

Just SOME of the pots and random stuff we found in the yard 

The previous owner caged EVERY plant he had. 

The side yard facing the kitchen (middle window)

The rest of the yard from the kitchen patio

The other side of the house from the tree line 

Nana's cottage (or rather the garage that will become a mother-in-law apartment for mom)

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