Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Malcolm at 8 Months

I finally did it. I missed taking pictures on the day. Malcolm turned 8 months old on the 4th, but these are from the 5th.
He got his first haircut and looks like such a big boy now! (Thanks, Nana!)
He's wearing 18 month clothes, is a total mama's boy, and crawling and pulling himself up on anything and everything. 
He has started doing the furniture shuffle, walking along the table or couch, and transferring between them. 
He loves baby food, and is totally excited about big people food now, too. His favorite is hash brown casserole, bananas, and mac n cheese! He lunges for them. 
He's a happy baby with an open mouthed smile for just about everyone! He's slowly transitioning from Army crawling to up on all fours.  

WHAT is happening back there, mama? WHAT is Nana doing? 

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