Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

Now that our family (mainly the Arnold clan) has gotten so big, we can't all meet on Christmas like we used to do. We wanted to keep a tradition of getting together and New Year's has become the new gathering.  We bundle up, bring yummy food, talk, laugh, and play kickball! This year it was extra special as we had C.J. home with us on leave from the Army and Rose and Blair visiting from Spain!! 

100 years old and still a baby whisperer! Look at those paws - young and old!

Is this to EAT? 
Team captains

Cousins and chubby buddies

Saying "goodbye" is always so hard! We love you, CJ!

Hugging Rose one last time before she goes back to Spain!

And then, to cap off a wonderful day: SNOW!

Doing the Snow Dance with her aunties aka "The Little Girls"

Snow Twirling
New Year's Day dawned cold, clear, and snowy!  We had the privilege of hearing Dave speak at Grandma Nancy's church, Arbor Heights Community Church.

Our property in the snow

Last time I was here it was a hot August day! What a contrast

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