Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!


Christmas Eve with the McPhees.  It was so hard to choose just a few pictures and not post all 100+

But, can I EAT it? 

The gift of strength! 

Fun with latches

Oh, Uncle Bob! 

Playing with her new cleaning set. She loves it and plays with it almost daily!

Christmas is exhausting for littles! 

Two grandmas means double the spoiling, double the videos! 

Everyone loved Uncle Luke's gift to Malcolm! 

Mesmerized by the candles at the church service.
Christmas Morning:

Watching brother play with his new toys from sister

Christmas day with the Courys and Nana:

So sweet to watch kids exchange gifts! 

These two are so cute! 

Putting together Lucy's bike from Uncle Seth

His favorite! 

Getting right down to business: playing with her new cars

Breaking in Noah's new game

Ava made this hat all by herself! It's SO cute! 

Grandfather joined us and joined in on the Nerf fun! 

Ava teaching us how to wolf whistle -- exciting stuff from her new book! 

Traditional Christmas Bear photo

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