Sunday, December 4, 2016

Malcolm at 7 Months Old

He's crawling!  Malcolm is seven months old and on the go.  He is a busy guy, rolling, Army crawling ("swimming" as GG calls it), testing out real crawling, and sitting himself up from lying.  I had a moment of sadness at how quickly he's growing when I went in to get him up from his nap a few days ago and he was sitting up in his crib, grinning at me and waiting to be picked up.  He's started reaching for us, and will now crawl to mama and dada.  He also perpetually has a finger in his mouth, and drool running down his chin. Darn those slow-emerging teeth!

Malcolm to a "T" at seven months: happy with a finger in his mouth

His favorite toys are cords, the remote, and anything sister has. He likes forbidden fruit! He also loves his paci, cars and balls (anything he can bat at and crawl after), and anything that makes noise.

He's getting tidier about eating his baby food, and starting to eat puffs and things with some texture without gagging.

He continues to take three naps (sometimes even four) a day, and sleeps from 7-7 with several wake ups in the night. He loves me for my milk.

House hunting: Yep, this fits me just right, ma! 

He's steady enough when sitting to get in the bath with sister now! 

His preferred pose when he needs to see over his shoulder

We hear a good deal of "NOOOOO" followed by Lucy running after him,
trying to keep him from things she's staged juuuuust so. 
Nice try, mom.  

Army crawling under the table

Oh hey...I was just giving this baby a kiss

Buns in the air, fast asleep

Up on all fours, crawling! 

Hey, where'd you go? 

This is what happens when I ask daddy to help me take pictures

And a short video of him crawling at 6.5 months: 


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