Thursday, December 22, 2016

Happy 3rd Birthday, Lucy Margaret!

Happy birthday, sweet Lucy Magoosey! My LuLu, My Lulu Bear, my Miss Ma-goose, Big Sister, Baby Girl (I am not a baby, I am a BIG girl).

You're three years old!  When did that happen? You are a joy to your parents' hearts! You are so much like your mama.

You stand 38 inches tall
You weigh 34 pounds

You love: Daddy! You are a total daddy's girl! Your mama, brother, and the rest of the family. Your giraffe (paci), to read, to sing -- you sing all day long and sometimes well into the night! You love to dance, play dress up, change clothes (skirts, dresses, and pajamas are your favorites!), and have your toenails painted.

Your favorite songs: "Let it Go" (anything from Frozen, really), "Amazing Grace/My Chains Are Gone", "Jesus Loves Me", and "Angels From the Realms of Glory" -- you are nothing if not diverse in your musical interests.

Your favorite foods: Mac n Cheese, rice, chocolate.  Your favorite fruits are pears and strawberries. You love to drink milk and ice cold water.

Your favorite book: the "swishy swashy" book (We're Going on a Bear Hunt), "I'm a Big Sister", and your "Jesus Storybook Bible"

Lucy, you make us laugh so hard and keep us on our toes with your curiosity and logic.  You test every boundary, need to know your limits, and are very nearly fearless. Except when it comes to imaginary frogs. Those still terrify you.  You love to pray, reminding us before a meal if we forget.  You are busy.  So very busy, from the moment you wake up at 6am until you go to bed (and again, well after some nights).  You wake up chatty and stay that way until you're asleep.  You are just like your mama that way. You also have her drive, patience (or lack thereof) and quick flash of temper. You meltdown when you can't do something, but are quick to take a breath and try again -- and often succeed! 


Last night as a two year old
Big, three year old girl!

Since Lucy's birthday is so close to Christmas, we celebrate her half-birthday.  We still want to make her actual birthday special, though, by having a family date.  We took her to Red Robin for dinner and then out for ice cream.  She had a blast! 

Talking to Uncle Luke at dinner 

Ice cream! 


Lick, and swish. Straight onto her shirt. Every. Single. Time. 

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