Sunday, March 5, 2017

Lucy Lately

I just love this little girl! These are some of my favorite moments and photos of her over the last couple of months. 

Her reaction to going through the car wash

Waiting for church to start

First time getting up on the potty all by herself: no stool, no potty seat! Big girl status. 

Mischief Maker! She got into the bandaids and I woke up to this! 

She's getting really good at puzzles! 

She loves to play the "pi-nano"

Planting and watering her very own flowers
FaceTime with Auntie and cousins

Valentine's Day Love!
Her sign says "I love Jesus"

Valentine's Day flowers from her daddy

Trying to sneak a picture of her, and she caught me. This is what I got. 

She's got style: snow bibs, helmet, sunglasses. She's ready for every contingency!

My wild sleeper

When at Ikea...

My park date

Headed to church on a rainy day

The queen of dress up

Watching the kids go to school

First time using scissors 

Her jaw bone's connected to her finger bones... She chomped along in rhythm to her cutting

Making brother hold still for a kiss

Little screams

First time using scissors

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