Friday, January 25, 2013

Feeling thankful!

Today I feel an overwhelming spirit of thankfulness for the little and big blessings in my life!

To name a few, in no particular order:

1. My husband who faithfully walks Charlie each morning and then makes me coffee!
2. Starting the day with Top Pot Donuts! Yum!
3. Charlie dog putting himself to bed so I don't have to wrangle him into the spare bathroom!
4. Train commuting!
5. Thinking my hair was an out of control mess and having a friend tell me it looked like a hair volume commercial!
6. Bathroom stall doors that actually lock and stay shut!
7. Isaac for praying over me each morning
8. Isaac for trusting me enough to edit his blogs, and sharing his thoughts with me first!
9. Seriously -- a Top Pot Donut for breakfast! It's so delicious!
10. NOT being gluten-free!
11. Drinkable vitamins!
12. Walking to work to the sounds of Josh Groban
13. Our amazing new over-the-stove microwave! I'm thrilled! My man knows how to spoil me!
14. Time in the Word each morning
15. Feeling sore after a new workout
16. My incredible view from my desk
17. Just how much I love my husband! It just fills me with joy to love him
18. Wearing jeans to work
19. Awesome co-workers who randomly bring donuts to work (they're awesome regardless of donuts, but that makes them that much more amazing!)
20. My sweet Charlie dog!

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