Monday, January 28, 2013

Catching up...

I assure you all that we are alive, if not entirely well. Isaac has a cold that he just can’t kick, which is very unusual for him!  I am thankful that so far it seems to be the same cold I already had (from him) so I am not getting sick. Of the two of us, he’s by far the more stoic sick spouse.  I tend to be rather dramatic and pitiful. I know you’re less than shocked by that revelation.

Anyway, we’ve been living life, and things are happening, but nothing to write about just yet. (Disclaimer: NO, WE ARE NOT PREGNANT!!!) I promise that when that time comes, I’ll announce it in a more personal way than just blogging.

I’ve been hard at work sewing for birthday gifts and special orders, which is why I haven’t had the attention span to blog lately. I’m keeping the gifts a surprise (and it’s killing me!!) at least until the first baby receives hers.  I’ve also started trying to increase my special orders!

I knit, crochet, and sew, and I enjoy always having something going. What better way to do this than take orders?!  I don’t want to go crazy and open an etsy store or anything that daunting, but I DO enjoy creating for those around me. 

Anyway, I’ll be posting some of my projects on here that I’d be willing to tackle again if you want to contact me about pricing! J

In other news, our Charlie dog is starting to look rather rascally! He’s taken a good sized notch out of his left ear and has a small bald spot on in the middle of his forehead.  While I’m concerned that our handsome boy is getting raggedy, Isaac loves it. He’s proud of how hard Charlie plays. He loves to run off the trail near our house and jump and tunnel through the brambles. Charlie doesn’t seem to mind the alterations to his appearance.

Last on the Charlie front, we clipped his nails for the first time this weekend. Any advice there is highly welcome! Some of the nails he let me do without much fuss, others he really reacted badly about. Is there a difference in sensitivity between clear and dark nails? I was very conservative as it always makes me nervous to get too near the quick (sp?). 

Though my blogging is sparse at times (I'm very guilty of mentally blogging and never actually sitting down to put fingers to keys and post), Isaac's blog is consistently posting once or twice a week, so go check it out: The Kingdom of God and the Modern Mind

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