Thursday, July 11, 2013

16 week appointment

I meant to post a picture, but then I failed to take one. Sorry! You'll just have to use your imagination a little bit longer! 

We had our 16 week prenatal visit two days ago and I just can’t say enough how much we like the Nurse Midwives at Valley Medical!! They’re fantastic! They’ve answered our questions (and without even a hint of condescension), and even anticipated many of them.  They never rush our appointments, which is huge for me!  Most of them (perhaps all?) are mothers, so they understand the birth process from all aspects.
My big questions going in were 1. Birth classes: when do you take those, and are they necessary?  And 2. I’d read that low magnesium can exacerbate (or even cause!) morning sickness – is there any merit to this?  She said she’d never heard of the magnesium link, but she wanted to research it for me – how cool is that?!  And she anticipated my birth class question and gave us plenty of options as well as her recommendations.
Finally we got down to the fun stuff: hearing the baby!  She had to search a bit as little one was quite active – which was fun as we got to hear the baby moving around in there before she was able to get the heartbeat.  His/her heart was going strong at about 160bpm! She also explained not to be worried if that fluctuates at the visits since babies, like adults, have active times when their heart rate goes up and chill times when the heart rate slows a bit. J So cool to think about, and reassuring!
Next up is our 20 week ultrasound when we get to see baby!!  That’s one scheduling phone call I’m eagerly anticipating!!
In other news, my employer has been amazing, letting me work part time while I’ve been sick.  I decided to try to go full time again next week, to which I was met with a host of “Oh, you must be feeling better” responses.  Nope, not really, but it’s time, and I need some normalcy in my life, and I’m also out of PTO.  I do have good days now, so that is an improvement, but I have no guarantee the bad days will cease before baby comes, so I’m going to attempt to toughen up and tough it out!  Prayers appreciated!

And in much, much, much more exciting news: Isaac has officially been offered (and accepted) a position at CBRE (CB Richard Ellis).  They’re a huge real estate company (just look around, you’ll start to see their signs everywhere).  He’ll be in their Valuation and Advisory Program, which means a loooot of work over the next 30 months (the minimum duration of the apprenticeship), then he can become a fully licensed commercial real estate appraiser!  SO EXCITING!!! 

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