Sunday, July 7, 2013


Yesterday we finally got to try out Isaac's new inflatable two-person kayak that I gave him for Christmas!  We headed out to West Seattle and put in on the Sound.  It was low 70s, nary a breeze, and just a few clouds in the sky.  It was amazing!

Getting it ready!

Safety first, right? 

It's ready to go!! 

First sighting! 

 There was no wind to move this beauty!

He's so handsome! 

So cool! Watching ferries cross from West Seattle to Vashon. 

It was the day of the jelly fish for sure!  I definitely had a few nervous moments when we were still trying to figure out the roll and pitch of the kayak! Thankfully I did not end up in the water! We saw a couple dozen of these guys! 

This guy was by far the largest and most fearsome of the group! Its tentacles stretched several feet!

And packing up to head back home! Best part of the inflatable kayak! 

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  1. You have NO idea how happy this post makes us! You look beautiful; all the more so because of what you've been going through. Isaac IS handsome as always but he looks pretty darned happy to have his wife back too. Your kayak is awesome and Seattle couldn't have been more perfect for the outing. See you soon! :-)