Saturday, July 6, 2013

16 weeks!

Little one is 16 weeks in the womb today!

We got to hear the heartbeat (strong and steady and fast) at 12.5 weeks, which I meant to post about. It was a really wonderful moment and rather surreal.  We tried to hear Baby at 10.5 weeks, but no dice. The midwife was amazing and told us to come back in two weeks and assured me that as sick as I was, there was no cause for concern that Baby was anything but healthy (and hiding) in there.  At 12.5 weeks we heard the heartbeat almost the same second that the midwife put the doppler on my belly. It was incredible!

I'm down to having really bad days only once or twice a week instead of feeling sick almost constantly every day.  It's a relief, even though it feel like I'm regressing with every bad day, I know it means Baby is healthy and growing like a champ in there.  Isaac has been the model of patience and support throughout this entire process.

It's getting harder to find pants that fit (or at least that fit comfortably), and Baby's pushing out a little bit so that I look perpetually like I've had one too many big meals...which, believe me, is not the case.  I've discovered that big meals trigger morning sickness the next morning. Lame, right?!

My employer continues to be awesome and lets me work 8am-3pm and gives me no grief when I have to leave early for appointments or when I turn a lovely shade of green and need to lie down -- for the next 8-12 hours!  Yep, if I get sick, it sticks with me. There's no one and done for me on the vomit train. Once I'm on it, there's no getting off the ride until the next morning.  But even that's an improvement over the early days when I would be sick (horribly, horribly sick) for days at a time! I'm thankful the vomiting on the hour, every hour, phase seems to be over.

So, not a very exciting post, but it's where we are!  We actually got to use Isaac's Christmas gift (an inflatable kayak) for the first time today (pictures coming soon).  A sure sign I'm feeling better!! We dubbed our inaugural trip the jelly fish hunt. We've never seen so many big, live jelly fish in the Sound in one day! It was rather incredible!

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