Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy Admins' Day!

Happy Administrative Assistants' Day!

Today got off to a crazy start (my train was cancelled, drove to light rail, no parking, drove BACK to the train just in time to be smothered in far too much humanity), so I completely forgot that I'd heard it was Admin's Day on the radio. I mean completely forgot.

I got to work and was greeted by this sweetness:

It totally didn't register.  "Ohh...that was nice...super nice...and really random!"

Fast forward a few hours and I'm elbow-deep in receipts... (this picture only captures a piece of the puzzle).

And my boss walks up and plops this on my desk.  I look up (and still it doesn't register) and respond, "THANK YOU! What is this for?"  He grins, thumps me on the shoulder and replies "Admin's Day!"  Aaaand cue the Aha! moment!

And just in case you needed further proof that my office is awesome... Well, just see below!  We have a weekly happy hour, "Beer Share" where an employee shares some sort of cool thing they're passionate about. This week is Product Runway.  

These two entries were posted on the office Intranet today: 

“It’s a Walk-Off!”
Did you miss your chance to buy a ticket to Product Runway?  Are you pretty sure there's a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking? And plan on finding out what that is?  Here is your chance…
We have two tickets to give away! Oops did I say a giveaway… Well that's not exactly true. We want to see you work it for the ticket.  Got the guts to show us your talent in life? 
Come see which LMN'ers have the strut for a ticket to the event.  Thinking you're the one?  Then strut your stuff in a full 80's neon outfit for a Zoolander style walk off.
P.S. Those making partial effort need not compete.

Second, an LMN walk-off battle for Product Runway Tickets, come dressed to impress:
1. Neon
2. Personal Flare
3. Show us your Runway Realness at BeerShare
Participation may vary…. Only the best will win.


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