Sunday, April 14, 2013

They have cute babies, we have a cute puppy

Gideon Lonnie

Big brother loves Gideon! 

Caleb Lorne

 Like daddy, like son! 

 Ahh, photoshoots with toddlers! 

We'll take what we can get! 

"Now this is Moo"

And this is what you do with him! 
Uncle Isaac is going to be a great daddy one day! 

Cute rolls and dimples! 

Tired baby! 

It's Lindy June! 

Lindy Loo Who, we love you!!! 

Here I come, world! 

And here's OUR boy: 

He loves to run, run, run!

It's impossible to NOT love this face!


  1. The cute factor is over the top here. Your blond baby is adorable.

  2. Thanks, you have done it again!

  3. Thanks, Logy! I'll send you the high-res ones! :)