Monday, April 1, 2013

A Practical Display of God's Providence

Back story: Last week I told Isaac that my car was making a really strange sound when I made a hard left (like turning into a parking space). He couldn't replicate the noise and we forgot about it...

Friday my car started to make a slight thumping noise but it was intermittent and we weren't worried. We heard it but attributed it to the rutted road we were on. Over the course of Saturday and Sunday it grew steadily more pronounced and Isaac did a visual check of our titles: they were all fully inflated in spite of sounding like one was flat.  We decided to trade cars on Monday so he could take it in. 

We stopped for gas just before jumping on the freeway to head to Tacoma from West Seattle. Again he looked at the front tire and all seemed well.  He decided (for reasons we now know were solely providential) to reach down and touch a lug nut. It was LOOSE as in loose to the touch!!! He grabbed the lug wrench and gave each nut a solid three turns before they were tight.  We shudder to think what would have happened if God had not intervened and we had gotten on I-5! The tire would not have stayed on much longer in the state it was.

Thank you Lord for showing yourself in a very real way on such a beautiful Easter! You truly reminded us you are alive and active in our lives!


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  1. I LOVE this account of God's ever presence!

    p.s. it sounds like maybe someone was going to steal your tires and got interrupted.