Saturday, September 14, 2013

6 months!

As of today I'm 6 months pregnant, entering my seventh month of pregnancy! Wow!  I’m beginning to feel a little awkward during certain “normal” activities (getting up off the floor, rolling over in bed, sitting up from lying down), but otherwise I feel great!  The morning sickness has all but subsided now, though I haven’t been able to break the at least once a week vomit cycle. Oh well!

Baby girl has a name, but though we’ve called her by it a few times, I just can’t feel that it’s “hers” yet. I think I’m still waiting to meet her to have that “ah, yes, this name fits” moment. Until then (and because of this), we’ll continue to keep it under wraps.

She’s a bundle of activity for sure. She usually has her most active time around 9-11am, then has extremely active spurts when I eat, sit after a lot of activity, etc. She seems to love it when I’m swimming. I think it’s because my whole body relaxes, so in true form, she goes bananas and starts flipping, kicking, and breast-stroking along with mama!

She’s now got all her vital organs, though they need several more weeks of maturing before she’ll be ready to make her debut. She’s over a pound now (take that, scale! At least a pound and a half isn’t even ME!), and seems to be growing like a champ if my burgeoning belly is any indication!

I’m hungry all. the. time. All the time. It’s kind of crazy after being nauseous literally all the time. I’m having to, for the first time, have to think about not eating too many calories, which is a switch from the push to get enough calories for the first half of the pregnancy.

We now have a crib assembled in the middle of the office.  We haven’t reclaimed the closet which will be her nursery nook just yet, so it’s kind of a bear to maneuver, but it’s fun to see another reminder of her presence in the home!  We’re starting to have quite a little collection of baby things piling up, too! From hand me downs from her cousins (thanks, Sarah – it’s so fun to think of my children using the same toys and such your kids used!), and generous friends and other mamas with older tots, it’s becoming quite real!  I’ve even started to knit, weather permitting, and will add to her crib a special handmade blanket in the month or so to come!

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