Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Lovely Sister Tea!

The girls have a lovely tradition of gathering together each time one of us is approaching a life event, and sometimes when we just need one another.  It's a time of laughter, advice, questions and answers, bonding, and tea -- or spiced cider as the season allows!  

This time we gathered to celebrate baby girl's impending birth.  Sarah provided a lovely spread of gluten-free fare, supplemented by the cousins.  We spent time loving on the littlest cousins, laughing about being wives and (soon to be) mothers!  It was a lovely time of bonding, and I wouldn't trade it for anything!  I so wish that Xandra, Rose, and Nickole could have made it -- they were the only thing lacking!  And, of course, my mom and mom-in-law!  

Traditional cousin picture: cousins carrying cousins! 
Thank you ladies for making me and baby feel loved, and more prepared for her arrival!! 

Two of the happiest babies on the block! Hope my little one is as content as these two! 

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