Thursday, December 12, 2013



It's one of our favorite family traditions each year to meet up in downtown Seattle and go see Santa at Nordstrom. The last two years I've been able to walk up from work to join the Coury's and Isaac.  This year I got there and they were already inside in line -- perfect!  Noah and Isaac were sitting on the stairs, chatting about things only boys can appreciate, Ava was cradling her beloved Saige (American Girl doll), and Sarah and Brian were chatting happily.  What a wonderful scene!

We were just in time to meet our favorite Santa!  We've had several over the years, and all truly look the part, but this Santa is our favorite!  He's jolly, patient, and kind, and does a great job interacting with   the kids while simultaneously posing them for some wonderful pictures!

The kids each made their request to Santa (just one thing), and he asked if they wanted anything else for Christmas -- both shrugged and said "no."  I just LOVE these kids!  They're unselfish!  They each had one modest gift they're looking forward to receiving.  He responded, "how about some nice surprises?" and they both grinned.  Sarah and Brian are doing a great job of raising their children!!

At the end, as we were getting ready to leave, Santa called me over and made me take a picture with him.  Let's just say I wasn't a hard sell! :) He's a lovely Santa!  So we got baby girl's first Santa picture this year, and look forward to continuing the tradition with her next year and the years to come!

We don't over-emphasize Santa in our family, and the kids know he's not the reason for the season.  We do enjoy the fun of Santa in this season, though, and I think we were raised with a great balance of Santa being fun, but peripheral to Jesus' birth.  I see that same tradition being carried on in the kids in the new generation, and it's just so fun!

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