Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Birthday, Gwenna and Caleb!

In the afternoon on Easter we transitioned to celebrate two up and coming three year olds, Gwenna (April 25) and Caleb (May 8).  

Gwenna's birthday request was to do the "Hokey Pokey" with the family! 

Caleb finally joined in at the end! 

This guy was excited to pass on one of his favorite swords to his little cousin! 

"Caleb, may I present this sword to you!" 

"Hey Caleb, what book is that?"

"Buzz Lightyear -- to infinity and beeeeyond!" 

Serious men do not require words to understand one another!

Maid Marian

Amelia loves her Uncle J!

I tried to convince Sarah that a third baby would look good on her... it was a no-go. 

Auntie Love! 

Seriously -- these two!! 

Love this little family! Gideon was sleeping, I think. 

I just love her! 

Jelly Bean Soup! -- Nice one, Sarah! 

Grandfather facetiming my folks -- I wish I'd captured his reaction when he saw their faces appear!! It was priceless!

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  1. I love our great, big family!! Thanks for capturing so many precious moments. There are some beautiful faces in there. I love Noah's presentation of the sword. When we were FaceTiming, Caleb actually told me that Noah gave him the sword. Grandfather and London: 2 mellow fellows!