Saturday, June 7, 2014

Happy Birthday, Ava & Noah!

Happy Birthday to Ava (aka Elsa) and Noah (aka Robin Hood)!  Ava turned 8 -- EIGHT! and Noah is 6.  I can't believe how quickly these kiddos are growing up.  It seems like this was just a few months ago, not years:

They're both so into dress-up and Nana came through once again with epic costumes.  She never disappoints these kids.  Grandma Annette came through with an epic (and I mean EPIC) Frozen cake. It was intense and beautiful.  I hear Vera helped as chief taster.

Sarah set up a bullseye for Robin Hood and his competition to have a shooting contest.  Naturally, Robin won.

Then we moved on to shooting in the 21st century:

All while my poor laid-up sister watched my baby because, really, how can you be down when you're holding this sweet nugget? 

This girl is just TOO BIG!  

Catching these candid daddy-daughter moments are my favorite: 

Robin's bullseye cookies and Elsa's Frozen cake -- both were VERY happy! 

This year Sarah told me that Ava really wanted a long, flowy dress.  I thought I could do that, and I could.  I love it when what's in my head works out in real life.  Bonus: I made a matching outfit for her baby cousin...who was a bit overdue for a nap... But Ava took it like a champ and got her smiling. 

Uncle Isaac holds a special place in these kids' hearts. Helping Noah put together his awesome new Star Wars paper airplanes. 

Noah's solution whenever Lucy cries: "you just need to strip her down"  -- Yes, Noah, sometimes you do.  Look at that happy girl! 

Look at my baby sitting up already! 

Happy Birthday, Daniel Boone and Lady Ava!

Vera enjoyed the cake the best for sure.

Uncle Isaac can always be counted on to play with his niece and nephew. 

Vera did her best to keep up with the kids. 

That pesky grass will stick to bare feet. 

What a good uncle hanging out with the birthday kids in their fort. 

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